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Live-in Care

Our live-in care services offer the 24/7 support you deserve from the comfort of your own home. 

In many cases people who have been independent for the whole of their life may now need anything from basic help to full support. We are able to offer this to you in a place you feel safe, a place that has familiar surroundings and a place where you feel most comfortable. 

Live in carers fit into your personal lifestyle, accommodate your meal times, wash schedules, medication requirements. They are able to provide love and care that you put into making your own home; a home. 


In addition to one on one care support our carers can:

  • Perform shopping duties 

  • Cook meals/snacks

  • Provide companionship

  • Light cleaning 

  • Laundry 

Often relatives may live far away, usually have to work on a full time basis, caring for someone 24/7 simply isn't an option to alot of people, this is where live-in care can help you. That way relatives can still visit you in the comfortable space of your own home. 

Often our live in care clients feel alot more independent in their own home, its a fantastic way to remain in a place most sacred to them. 

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